Supermarkets in Lefkada

Supermarkets in Lefkada

Supermarkets, mini markets

The cheapest shopping options on the island are supermarkets and mini markets. The largest ones with most of the goods are located next to Lefkada town (Lidl, AB Market, My Market, Express Market, etc). In these shops there is a wide selection of household utensils, fruits, vegetables, drinks, snacks, and so many other Greek and international products.

Slightly smaller supermarkets can be find in almost every settlement, with basic equipments, foods, drinks and snacks. Good to know that prices are higher in the areas of tourist resorts.



Some coordinates of more important, larger supermarkets

Lefkada town

Lidl – 38.816016, 20.711479

AB Market – 38.824631, 20.711189

My Market – 38.828054, 20.703237

The largest supermarkets of the island are located at the egde of the Lefkada town, but there are many, smaller shops in the city center.



In Market – 38.711319, 20.714067

Supermarket – 38.707241, 20.710213

Nidri has some smaller supermarkets, most of the shops are located directly next to the main road.



Euro Market – 38.631260, 20.606684

Nikos – 38.631506, 20.615015

Beyond these markets you can find in the center of Vasiliki some smaller mini markets and a bakery.



Carrefour – 38.630072, 20.648100

Proton supermarket – 38.630103, 20.648996

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