Supermarkets in Lefkada

Lefkada supermarkets

The best shopping options of Lefkada in 2023 are the local supermarkets. Every significant village has its large or small supermarket, where to locals and the travellers can buy. If you are looking for the best Lefkada supermarkets, these are located in the capital, where you can buy everything what you need.

In the outskirts of Lefkada town you can find AB Market, Sklavenitis, My Market, LIDL, Express Market, which are the cheapest supermarkets, and have wide range of different products. If you need household utils, fruits, vegetables, drinks, snacks, meats, coffees, cheese, milk, so really everything, take a tour to these supermarkets: the coordinates you can find on this page below. Beside the most common international trademarks there can be find several Greek products, which are highly recommended to taste or try.

Lefkada supermarkets
Fruits and vegetables in supermarkets
Market in Lefkada
Where to buy in Lefkada

The prices of products can be seen well, and of course you can see them in Euros, which is the official currency of Greece. The supermarkets accept cash and international credit and debit cards (Mastercard, Visa, etc) both.

For household utensils and other goods in Lefkada town there is a JUMBO, which is visited many times by the inhabitants. Smaller supermarkets can be find in almost every settlement of the island and offer bakery products, drinks, snacks, and various supplies. The prices are slightly higher in the areas of tourist resorts, the cheapest supermarkets are near Lefkada town.

nidri supermarket

Locations of the best Lefkada supermarkets

Lefkada town

The largest supermarkets in Lefkada are located in the suburbs of Lefkada town, but there are several small mini-markets in the city center.

  • LIDL – 38.816016, 20.711479
  • AB Market – 38.824631, 20.711189
  • Sklavenitis – 38.825435, 20.711107
  • My Market – 38.828054, 20.703237
  • JUMBO – 38.824107, 20.699920


Nidri has primarily some small supermarkets, most of these stores are located directly next to the new pedestrian road (main street).


  • Euro Market – 38.631260, 20.606684
  • Supermarket Nikos – 38.631506, 20.615015

There are also some smaller mini markets and a bakery in the center of Vasiliki village.


  • Empokoronisi Super Market – 38.630072, 20.648100
  • Proton supermarket – 38.630103, 20.648996

Ligia and Nikiana

The supermarkets of these villages are located next to the east main road, and can be recognize from the billboards.


Directly next to the main road, in the town center.

Agios Nikitas

  • Join In Supermarket – next to main road, 38.787256, 20.613018
  • Supermarket Agro – pedestrian road, 38.789095, 20.613137
  • Supermarket Sfika – pedestrian road, 38.787994, 20.612086


Mini Market – next to main road 38.756566, 20.603867


Mini Market – next to main road, 38.664471, 20.570514


In the port, near the parking lot


Kolivas Super Market – near central square, 38.759682, 20.648619