Location / where to find: Ponti / Vasiliki

Pondi beach, Paralia Ponti

The beach of Ponti (Pondi) offers for visitors coarse sand with shallow waters, and the best windsurfing options in Lefkada!

Ponti is well known as a windsurfer center in Lefkada, because thousands of windsurfers arrive during summer months to the village. The special wind of the area (called Eric) usually blows strongly in the large bay, and provide excellent conditions for windsurfers, especially in the afternoons. If you are not interested in windsurf, and you would like just enjoy the beach, good to know that surfers sail far away from the main beach, and they don’t endanger swimmers. For this reason Ponti beach is also good for swim, or just enjoy the hot Greek sun and relax.

The seabed of Ponti beach is filled with coarse sand, and the emerald coloured sea is quite shallow here. These conditions make this place ideal for smaller children, but most of the families visit this beach a little further away, closer to Vasiliki village.

The entire area of Ponti beach is well organized, where parasols and sunbeds can be rented, and there are also some beach bars and taverns. The most famous of these restaurants next to Ponti beach are To Kyma (Vasiliki Wave) restaurant, Maistros Restaurant, Pondi Family Restaurant and Grand Nefeli beach bar.

Behind the beach there are local companies, where you can rent equipments for windsurf. The beach of Ponti is connected to the beach of Vasiliki, which is located on the east side of the bay.

If you visit Lefkada and you are interested in windsurfing, come to Ponti and local surf clubs will help you to learn the surf skills. You can meet here the windsurfer community and you can experience the atmosphere of this great sport. Welcome to Ponti, home of the wind ‘Eric’, and the nice views of the emerald Ionian Sea!

Where to stay in Ponti (Pondi)?

Ponti a small resort in the southern side of Lefkada island, but due for its exceptional windsurfing options there can be find several studios and apartments for a holiday. The charming fishing village, Vasiliki is located just a 1 kilometer away, but most of the accommodations are usually slightly cheaper in Ponti.

Recommended apartments, studios in Ponti

Romanza Studios (rooms for 2)

Maistrali Studios (for 2)

Anemolia Apartments (2-8 guests)

Cosmos Hotel (rooms for 2-4)

Hotel Odeon Ponti (up to 3-4 guests)

Surf Hotel (2-4 guests)

Art Sailing (2-3 person)

Sea Sound (for 2-4 person)

Wild Seagull (for 2-3 person)

Katerina Rooms (for 2-3 guests)

Aria Villas (villa, up to 6)

Fotini Studios (2-3 person)

Cosmos Apartments (for 2)

Seafront Luxury Residence (up to 5)

Nefeli Studios (2-7 guests)

Guide to Ponti beach / info box

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates:  38.631836, 20.596920
40 km south from Lefkada town
Sea colourSea water color: blue, green
Sand typeSand type: coarse sand, pebbles
Beaches depth iconDepth: shallow
Waves Sea surface: calm
CrowdsCrowds: may crowded during high season
Facilities on the beachFacilities: beach bars, taverns, windsurf clubs, parasols and sunbeds, showers
InformationOther Information: windsurf center in Lefkada
AccessibilityAccessibility: by car

+ Pros

  • shallow and calm sea
  • interesting area with windsurfers
  • best windsurf spot in Lefkada

– Cons

  • can be windy
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