Perigiali village, Nidri, Lefkada

Perigiali is one of the smallest settlement on the east of Lefkada, a few kilometers away from Nidri. The location of the village is quite picturesque, because the village was built on green slopes of the east mountains, about 15 kilometers from Lefkada town. One of the best features of Perigiali comes from its location, because the village has one of the best places in the neighboorhood: Nidri lies just about one kilometer away, and can be accessed fast and easy.

Lefkada Perigiali

Informations about Perigiali, Lefkada

This small seaside settlement was built on the foot of the Skaros mountain, which is one of the highest mountains on the east coast of Lefkada. The area of Perigiali is definitely more mountanious than in Nidri, so next to the main road there are just a few narrow streets, which lead to the local apartments and hotels. The village has very easy access, because the east main road passes through its center.

Apartments in Perigiali

On the main street you can find mini market, restaurant and apartments, and the atmospheres are always much calmer than in Nidri. In Perigiali there are not much sights, for the best attractions you have to travel to Nidri: a hike to the famous Dimosari waterfalls, or a walk in the picturesque port can’t be missed on a holiday.

Port of Perigiali in Lefkada

From the coastline of the village you can see Sparti, an uninhibitated tiny island with lush vegetation. The mountains of the Greek mainland are also clearly visible, the highest peaks are located just a few kilometres away, beyond the sea.

What to see in Perigiali

The small, but sandy and shallow beaches of Perigiali are located in the southern sides and in the north both. Some sections are not so suitable for swimming, but the best beaches of the area can be reached within a few minutes walk. These recommended places are Passa beach in the north, or you can walk to Nidri beach in the south. Passa beach belongs to this village, therefore some people and a few maps mention it as Perigiali beach.

Perigiali beach

Perigiali port

Perigiali has a port for a few fishing boats and smaller yachts, and it is also equipped with a petrol station for boats. This is much more a small pier than a real port, but for the local boats it is enough. On maps you can find this place as Perigiali Marina, or Μαρίνα Περιγιάλι in Greek language.


If you are looking for a bustling area in Lefkada, but you would like to sleep slightly further away from the crowds, the area of Perigiali can be recommended for a stay.

Apartments Lefkada island

Info box

  • 15 km south from Lefkada town
  • Population: 50 (increases during summer months)
  • Facilities: apartments, studios, supermarket, small port
  • Nearest beaches: Nidri beach (2km), Passa beach, Nikiana beach (6 km)

+ Reasons to visit Perigiali in Lefkada island

  • calm atmospheres
  • in the area of Nidri

– Cons

  • average beaches in the area