Where to stay in Lefkada

Where to stay in Lefkada Greece

An important question for travellers, which literally defines the days of vacation: where to stay in Lefkada, Greece? This amazing island is a top destination for holidays, which offer hundreds of apartments and hotels to book in 2023. Every corner of Lefkada has its own accommodation options, but the locations of the apartments are varied, and there are large differences for a stay.

Let’s see the most common questions, which are important in choosing the accommodation:

  • Are you interested in bustling summer life, or do you prefer quiet places?
  • How do you want to discover the island?
  • Are boat trips important during your holiday?
  • East coast or west coast is better for a stay in Lefkada?
  • Where are the best hotels of the island?
  • Which apartments are near to a beach?

If you know what the most significant things are to you, you’ve already won: read this travel guide below, and you will smarter about where to stay in Lefkada.

Where to stay in Lefkada apartments

Where to stay in Lefkada for a bustling summer life

You will find the center of bustling summer life on the east coast of Lefkada. The most popular villages are Nidri and Lefkada town, which are also the largest settlements in the island. These settlements have long pedestrian road, where every kind of restaurants, cocktail bars, souvenir shops, supermarkets are situated, and most of the tourist services are offered. The nightlife of Lefkada is also the most significant in the capital and in Nidri, especially in the months of July and August. From Nidri there are a lot of boat trips, which sail to the west coast, while Lefkada town and its area is located closer to several famous beaches.

If you like long walks on picturesque streets, where a lot of shops and restaurants can be visited, the best apartments and hotels for you are located in Nidri and in the area of Lefkada town. Take a look to the available rooms and prices, where you can book.

Apartments in Nidri
Lefkada town hotels

A balanced holiday in Lefkada

There are villages in Lefkada, which are slighly less bustling, but many restaurants, shops and tourist facilities can be find. The most recommended villages for stay with these conditions are Vasiliki, Nikiana, Agios Nikitas and Ligia. These places offer also a lot of apartments and rooms for stay in Lefkada, where travellers meet traditional taverns, and some of these have picturesque port also.

From the port of Vasiliki boat excursions sail to Porto Katsiki beach and to Egremni beach, Agios Nikitas is surrounded by exceptional beaches, Nikiana and Lygia have calm waters and both of these are located between Nidri and the capital, where a lot of attractions are waiting for a visit. If you have a question of where to stay in Lefkada for a balanced holiday in 2023, consider these villages and take a look the apartments of hotels below.

Vasiliki apartments
Agios Nikitas hotels
Nikiana hotels
Apartments and hotels in Ligia

Where to stay in Lefkada on the west coast

The west coast with the amazing beaches are the highlights of Lefkada for many travellers, and near the beaches there can be find many apartments and villas. In the mountains of the west coast the best places for a stay are Tsoukalades, Kalamitsi, Athani and Agios Nikitas villages. Most of these are small villages, but a few taverns and mini markets are open for guests, except Nikitas, which is larger. The beaches of the west coast are within just a few kilometers, and its worth to known that the apartments in Kalamitsi and Athani villages are very calm places for a stay, without any bustling.

Local apartments, studios
Best apartments and hotels
Athani apartments and villas

Have a nice holiday in 2023!


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