Archeological Museum of Lefkada

Lefkada Archeological Museum

The best place for learn about the ancient history of the island is the Archeological Museum of Lefkada. The cultural institution is one of the best local museums, because despite its tiny size the excibits contain hundreds of archeological findings, which are well cataloged and have sophisticated environment. In Lefkada the Archeological Museum also the best place to explore the world of Wilhelm Dörpfeld, a famous German archeologist who conducted many excavations on the island. The museum is a recommended attraction for everyone, who want to know more about the history of Lefkada island.

Archeological Museum of Lefkada Greece

Where to find

The building, which houses the Archeological Museum of Lefkada is located in Lefkada town, and known as the Cultural Center. This part of Lefkada town is quite easy to reach: the Cultural Center is situated directly on the west end of the north seaside promenade, next to the lagoon. In front of the building there are some parking places, but its worth to use a large parking lot just a few meters away, which was built for hundreds of cars.

Lefkada Archeological Museum location

What to see in the Archeological Museum of Lefkada

The museum is dedicated primarily to the ancient history of Lefkada island, from stone age until the fluorishing of Ancient Lefkas. The exhibits of the Archeological Museum of Lefkada introduce visitors the ancient life behind the glass exhibition showcases, but there are bigger columns and ancient sculptures also. Inscriptions in Greek and in English languages help to understand the purpose of the objects, explained in detail in many places.

The Archeological Museum with Lefkada ancient history

It is very interesting to see how the ancient civilization lived here: the building techniques, the musical instruments, the local economy and the art are all fascinating. Ancient Lefkas (Leukas) was the largest city on the island, which were built on the hills between Lefkada town and Kariotes village. The ruins of the ancient town can be seen just in very few places, but the Archeological Museum of Lefkada introduces most of the archeological findings well.

Archeological Museum in Lefkada

One of the best parts in Lefkada Archeological Museum is the exhibiton, which commemorates the archaeologist Wilhelm Dörpfeld. The German professor was the first archeologist, who started important excavations in Lefkada, and he believed that the Kingdom of the Ancient Ithaca was situated in this island. One of these old excavations can be visited in Nidri, which became famous as the ancient Royal Tombs (Tumuli). In Wilhelm Dörpfeld room you can see the pieces of ancient objects and there are descriptions about the local archeological sites.

Collection of Archeological Museum of Lefkada

The Archeological Museum of Lefkada is small, because it only consists of a few rooms, but it offer quite different experiences than the other sights of the island. For travellers who want to learn the roots of the island well, a visit is strongly recommended here. The Cultural Center of Lefkada contains some other exhibits sometimes, and an open air theater is also there. One of the most famous local events is Lefkada Folklore Festival, where dancers and musicians from many countries of the world perform.


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