Lefkada best beaches 2023

Best beaches of Lefkada

An island of Greece, where the sea is incredible blue: Lefkada best beaches are breathtaking, and belong the most beautiful places in Europe. As travel guides and magazines usually write, a holiday in Lefkada island is especially recommended for beach lovers, who are addicted to find the best places. The list of Lefkada best beaches is filled with natural wonders, and include the gorgeous Porto Katsiki beach, the unique Egremni beach, or the charming Mylos beach.

The top beaches of the island are definitely iconic, highlights of Greece, which are selected many times as the symbols of Lefkada island. A lot of travellers from several countries of Europe arrive to Lefkada due to its blue coloured beaches, to enjoy their magnificient views and the special atmospheres.

Lefkada best beaches

If you would like to discover Lefkada best beaches, just read the complete beach guide for 2023, where all the important informations can be find, and hidden gems are also presented.

Now let’s see the travel guide to the top beaches!

Where are Lefkada best beaches?

The most amazing parts of Lefkada are located on the west coast, which face to the endless Ionian Sea. Due geographical conditions this area is characterized by high mountains and pine forests, where the most dramatic landscapes can be find. The extraordinary natural advantages are the secrets behind Lefkada best beaches, where white coloured pebbles add deep contrast to the widest range of blue colours.

Porto Katsiki beach

In Greece Porto Katsiki beach is one of the most famous beaches, an iconic place of Lefkada. The place where breathtaking panoramic views, huge vertical cliffs and white pebbles awaiting for visitors: Porto Katsiki is listed one of Lefkada best beaches.

Lefkada best beaches - Porto Katsiki beach

Walk down the stairs and get into the fantastic blue coloured Ionian Sea! This beach has easy access by boat trips from Nidri and Vasiliki, but also can be reached by car or motorcycle. Porto Katsiki beach is not just one place among Lefkada best beaches, but also a stunning natural wonder, where a visit can be a highlight of a holiday.

Megali Petra beach

The west coast of the island is filled by amazing places, but Megali Petra beach definitely belong to Lefkada best beaches. It’s romantic charm is spectacular, where giant rocks, wild cliffs and of course millions shades of blue colours are. Megali Petra beach is almost untouched yet, so this place is blessed with all the charm of the Lefkada island.

Lefkada best beaches - Megali Petra beach

Mylos beach

In the area of Agios Nikitas Mylos beach can’t be missed, if you plan a visit to Lefkada best beaches. This beautiful place combines breathtaking natural attractions of Lefkada with sand dunes in the background, and all shades of blue colours. A few years ago Mylos beach was almost totally untouched, but a the parasols and sunbeds of these days are not disturbing.

Mylos Lefkada

You have two options to reach Mylos beach: catch a taxi boat in Agios Nikitas, or climb up to hill and hike.

Kathisma beach

An extremely popular member of Lefkada best beaches: Kathisma beach is one of the largest and most organized beaches in the island, surrounded by wonderful natural environment with lush vegetation. If you like comfort, there are a lot of beach bars and restaurants, but these are located further away from the sea and are not disturbing. Sometimes huge waves are coming to Kathisma beach and make incredible colours, but this fact is just one more reason to keep in mind why is Kathisma beach listed in Lefkada as a top beach!

Kathisma beach, best beaches

Afteli beach

There are a lot of hidden gems in Lefkada, but Afteli beach is one of the most beautiful places, in the shade of the giants. In first the moment when you meet this beach, you will fall love with Afteli. This small beach is located on the eastern coast of Lefkada, far away from the famous beaches of the west, but it’s not difficult to find. Look for Evgiros village in the mountains between Nidri and Vasiliki, the road will take you here.

Afteli beach

The exceptional natural beauty with emerald sea colours push this tiny jewel into Lefkada best beaches. Afteli beach has totally different atmospheres than western beaches, but it proves the diversity and charm of Lefkada island!

Where to stay to discover the top beaches

Lefkada is a small island, which can be discovered by cars or scooters easily. The most popular villages for travellers are Lefkada town, Nidri, Agios Nikitas, Vasiliki, Nikiana, where a lot of apartments and studios were built.

If you would like to visit Lefkada best beaches by boat, we suggest the area of Nidri and Vasiliki, where daily boat trips are available. In the case of car rent, or if you explore the island by your own car, you can book practically anywhere. Useful advice, that before you book an accommodation, always check the photos and reviews: click here for apartments and hotels in Lefkada island!

Where to stay, hotels and apartments

Discover more Lefkada top beaches

Lefkada has a dozens of great beaches on the west coast and on east coast also, which make this island an extraordinary place for beach enthusiasts in Greece. The entire coastline is characterized by turquoise and emerald sea colours, even near the villages. Calm sea for swimming and snorkeling in the east, sometimes big waves in the west, which are making the unique ‘Lefkada blue’ colours!

Read this travel guide, and know all the informations about the best beaches of Lefkada!


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