Lefkada has a lot of world class beaches, the west coast of the island is especially amazing. The best beaches of Lefkada are listed as top beaches in Greece, so if you visit the island, don’t miss to read Lefkada beach guide 2023!

If you can’t decide which beaches must be visited on a holiday, check this Lefkada best beaches list for 2023 below!

The mighty Porto Katsiki beach

Porto Katsiki is the most famous beach all over Lefkada, an iconic feature of the island. With its breathtaking panoramic views, huge vertical cliffs and white pebbles Porto Katsiki is listed among the best beaches of Greece year after year.

Enjoy amazing views, or just walk down the stairs and get into the fantastic blue coloured Ionian Sea! This beach has easy access by boat trips from Nidri and Vasiliki, but also can be reached by car or motorcycle. Porto Katsiki is not only a proud member of the best beaches of Lefkada, but also a stunning wonder of nature!

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Charm of Megali Petra / Kavalikefta beach

Are you looking for the most romantic beaches in Lefkada? By visiting these beautiful sister beaches you will find giant rocks, wild cliffs and of course the famous turquoise coloured, blue waters. Kavalikefta is a fully organized small beach with parking lots, parasols for rent and a small cantina, and Megali Petra beach is located directly next to it. Both beaches, especially the almost untouched Megali Petra beach are blessed with all the charm of the Lefkada island, and these gems are definitely worth a visit.

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Best of Lefkada: the enchanting Mylos beach

The amazing Mylos beach can’t be missed, if you are planning a visit to the best beaches in Lefkada. This beautiful beach is located on the northwest coast of the island, near Agios Nikitas village. Mylos beach combines breathtaking natural attractions of Lefkada with sand dunes in the background and all shades of blue colours. A few years ago Mylos beach was almost totally untouched, but now there are a few parasols for rent and sometimes a small cantina behind them. You have two options to reach Mylos beach: catch a taxi boat in Agios Nikitas, or climb over the small hill and hike about a half an hour.

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Blue colours in XXL size – Kathisma beach

Kathisma is an extremely popular member of Lefkada best beaches. The beach is one of the largest and fully organized beaches in the island, but even so you can see a wonderful natural environment with lush vegetation around you. There are a few beach bars and taverns, but these are located further from the shore and are not disturbing or noisy. Sometimes huge waves are coming to Kathisma beach and give incredible views, but this fact is just one more reason to keep in mind why is Kathisma beach listed in top Lefkada beaches!

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Emerald gem of Lefkada – Afteli beach

Afteli is one of the hidden gems in Lefkada, a tiny but beautiful beach in the shade of the giants. In first the moment when you meet this beach, you will fall love with Afteli. This small beach is located in the eastern side of Lefkada, far away from the famous beaches of the west, but not difficult to find. Look for Evgiros village in the mountains between Nidri and Vasiliki, the road will take you to Afteli beach. After a small parking site you will find a beach bar and some parasols and sunbeds for rent. The exceptional natural beauty with emerald sea colours make this tiny jewel one of the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada. Afteli beach has totally different atmospheres than western beaches, but it proves the diversity and charm of Lefkada island!

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Lefkada island, where you can find more top beaches in 2023

As you can see, the best beaches of the island are voted to the most beautiful Greece beaches often. But Lefkada has a dozens of great beaches on the west coast and on east coast also, which make this island an extraordinary place for beach enthusiasts. The entire coastline is characterized by turquoise and emerald sea colours, even the beaches near to Lefkada villages. Calm sea for swimming and snorkeling in the east, sometimes big waves in the west, which are making the unique ‘Lefkada blue’ colours!

Are you looking for more amazing beaches? Read our Lefkada beach guide and choose your favourite in Lefkada island for 2023!

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