Athani village Lefkada

A mountain village, which is nearest to the best beaches in Lefkada: Athani is located just a few kilometers away from Porto Katsiki beach and from Egremni beach. The traditional mountain village is one of the few settlements on the island, which offer panoramic views to the west coast and can be recommended for a stay. The apartments and studios in Athani offer relaxing atmospheres for a holiday in Lefkada, far away from the bustling east coast.

Lefkada Athani

Where to find Athani in Lefkada

Athani village was founded in the mountains of the west region, 34 kilometers away from the largest town of Lefkada. If you are looking for distances to other significant villages, Vasiliki is situated 14 kilometers away, Agios Nikitas is 20 kilometeres away, while Nidri is 35 kilometers away. Most of the travellers meet Athani when they visit the southern beaches: this is the nearest settlement to Porto Katsiki beach, Egremni beach and Gialos beach.

Athani village Lefkada

What you should know about Athani

The village is one of the most typical mountain settlements in Lefkada, where the streets are narrow and winding, and most of the houses were built by stone. The main road which leads through Athani is quite narrow also, so you have to be very careful. The center of Athani is directly next to the road: most of the local restaurants and small supermarkets are situated here. These taverns offer great panoramic views to the green hills of west coast, where the sunsets are also amazing.

Restaurant in Athani

The houses of Athani village were built amphitheatrically on the west hills of Lefkada, most of the buildings are facing the endless blue of the Ionian Sea. As the other mountain villages of Lefkada, Athani is surrounded by lush vegetation: pines, olive groves, grapeyards can be seen everywhere. Next to the roads inhabitants planted colorful flowers, bougainvilleas and oleanders in pots, making more friendly the street views.

Athani village Lefkada

Best restaurants in Athani are Lefkatas Taverna, Greco Levante, Avra and Alekos, which have great reviews from their guests. Before you book an apartment here, always take a look as much photos as you can about the accommodation – the other streets of the village, which are further away from the main road are more narrow and most of these are in poor condition. These roads were designed primarily for pedestrian traffic many decades ago.

Road in Athani

What to see

The best sights in Athani are the panoramic views to the west coast and the magical sunsets. The most famous attractions of this area, which interest the most people, are the amazing beaches of Lefkada nearby. These are Porto Katsiki beach (11 km), Egremni beach (5 km) and Gialos beach (3 km), offering exceptional options for beach enthusiasts. On a holiday in Lefkada don’t miss the lighthouse of Lefkada, known as Cape Doukato about 16 kilometers away, where you meet the breathtaking steep cliffs and one of the most beautiful natural attractions of the island.

What to see in Athani

Bee products, honey and agriculture in Athani

The region of Athani is one of the most important agricultural areas in Lefkada island: you will see many local farmers, who sell homemade honey products in small wood kiosks next to the road. Bee products and the local honeys are produced in high quality, which worth to taste and if you like, to buy. In these places you can also buy local olive oil and homemade wines also. Most of these small shops are located near Athani, so when you drive in the direction of Porto Katsiki or Egremni, you will meet dozens of these wooden selling places.


In the area the other small village, which has old traditions for bee products is Dragano, where local farmers also live.

Where to stay

Athani in Lefkada is primarily recommended for those who don’t like the bustling tourist resorts, and would like to stay close to the most famous beaches. A lof of apartments offer panoramic views to the sea, and this village is the nearest to Porto Katsiki beach and to Egremni beach.

Info box

  • 33 km south from Lefkada town
  • Population: 150
  • Facilities: apartments, studios, supermarkets, restaurants
  • Nearest beaches: Gialos beach (4 km), Egremni beach (7 km), Porto Katsiki beach (10 km)

+ Reasons to visit

  • traditional mountain village
  • near to the famous beaches on west coast
  • panoramic views and sunsets

– Cons

  • you have to drive to reach the nearest beaches
  • bustling villages are located far away