One of the most attractive beaches in the north part of Lefkada is Pefkoulia beach (Paralia Pefkoulia, Παραλία Πευκούλια), which represents the beauties of the island well. A great feature of Pefkoulia beach is its super fast access, because it is located directly next to the road, which leads between Lefkada town and Agios Nikitas. If you arrive from the direction of the capital, you certainly meet with the best lookout, offering breathtaking panoramic views to Pefkoulia beach and to the area of Agios Nikitas village.

Lefkada Pefkoulia beach

Location and access of Pefkoulia beach in Lefkada

As we mentioned before, Pefkoulia beach (Paralia Pefkoula, Παραλία Πευκούλια) has very easy access in Lefkada, because it is located directly next to the main road which leads on the west coast of the island. If you arrive from the north, to reach Pefkoula beach you don’t have to drive on narrow roads or fight with hairpin bends, just take a trip in the direction to Agios Nikitas and that’s it. From the direction of Nidri the best route is driving to the north, and from Lefkada town the road conditions are quite good.

Before the beach you can see the road signs of DECK beachside cafe (Ντεκ καφέ μπάρ), which is the one and only beach bar of this place. Behind Pefkoulia beach there are a lot of parking lots, which can be used for free, and due to the wide road there can be park the vehicles next to the road also.

Photos and guide to Pefkoulia beach

In addition to its easy access the main strengths of Pefkoulia (Paralia Pefkoula, Παραλία Πευκούλια) are its exceptional natural beauty and its large dimensions, where everybody fits comfortably. Fans of Pefkoulia beach say that it doesn’t matter what kind of beach you like, this place offer secluded and well organized parts both.

Pefkoulia beach with Deck beach bar in Lefkada

The main entrance of Pefkoulia beach is next to DECK beach bar, where you can find some stairs which lead to the sea and to the central areas. If you prefer a calmer place further away from the crowds and the long lines of parasols, just walk to the south or to the north, and choose your place.

Pefkoulia beach, Deck beach bar on Lefkada west coast

The coast of Pefkoulia beach deepens varied, there are shallow and deeper parts both. The seabed is filled primarily by coarse sand and pebbles, larger stones are slightly further away from the central areas. The easy access of Pefkoulia beach make this place very popular during summer months, but despite it looks overcrowded one some photos, due to its large dimensions usually this is only typical of the middle part.

Lefkada Pefkoulia beach

It’s very important that in Pefkoulia beach you can’t find significant natural shade, so you must use own your parasol, or rent one at DECK beachside cafe bar. There are just a few rocks in the south and in the north which provide some shade, but these places getting filled first.

Pefkoulia beach and Agios Nikitas, Lefkada west coast

As you see, Pefkoulia beach is located on the west coast of Lefkada and faces to the open water, so sometimes waves arrive. The big waves make quite different character to this beach, and create incredible blue colours, which are really amazing. The best parts for enjoy the waves of Pefkoulia beach are the central areas in front of Deck beach bar, because there are less stones under the sea surface.

Lefkada Pefkoulia beach drone aerial photo, Lefkada west coast

The waves of the west coast in Lefkada island are special, but always pay attention and after the waves are getting too big, don’t go into the sea.

Pefkoulia beach is the home of the famous DECK beach bar, where high variety of cold drinks, snacks, and of course a dozens of sunbeds and parasols are waiting for guests. DECK bar has also a parking lot, but it fills up quickly in the mornings, and sometimes it’s hard to leave this parking lot.

Pefkoulia beach, Lefkada, DECK beachside cafe

The north part of Pefkoulia beach, which is further away from the beach bar, is often visited by naturists, and this place is one of the nudist beach sections in Lefkada.

Pefkoulia beach, Lefkada
The north side of Pefkoulia is less visited

Where the best views are to Pefkoulia beach

The panoramic views of Pefkoulia beach is well known by the travellers of Lefkada island, due to the famous lookout, which was built directly next to the main road. If you drive from the north (from direction of Lefkada town) to Agios Nikitas through Tsoukalades village, you will meet this exceptional panorama, and the fantastic colours of Pefkoulia. In the parking lot of the lookout usually local farmers sell honey and other goods.

Why visit Pefkoulia beach?

The beauty of Lefkada reflected well by Pefkoula beach, where the surrounding hills are covered by lush forests, the sea is crystal clear, and infinite blue.

Pefkoulia beach, as an amazing member of the best beaches in Lefkada, can be recommended for everyone, who are looking for a nice beach on their holiday. When you visit this area, keep in mind that within a few kilometers there are some other great beaches of Lefkada, such as the exceptional Mylos beach or the well organized Kathisma beach. You can also take a walk on the narrow streets of Agios Nikitas, where picturesque alleys, restaurants and small supermarkets can be find.

Shallow water at Pefkoulia beach

Where to stay near Pefkoulia beach? Apartments, villas

The nearest accommodations are in Agios Nikitas village, which is a popular tourist resort during the summer months, and it is situated just about 2 kilometers away. The other option for a stay in this area is Tsoukalades villages, about 4 kilometers away from Pefkoula beach.

Apartments, studios and villas in Agios Nikitas

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Where to stay in Tsoukalades

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Pefkoulia beach info guide

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates: 38.803182, 20.631362
10 km southwest from Lefkada town
Sea colourSea water color: blue, turquoise
Sand typeSand type: sand, small pebbles, rocks
Beaches depth iconDepth: shallow / normal
Waves Sea surface: moderate
CrowdsCrowds: normal
Facilities on the beachFacilities: parking lot, DECK beach cafe bar, parasols and sunbeds for rent, showers, changing room
InformationOther Information: –
AccessibilityAccessibility: by car

+ Pros

  • beautiful natural enviroment
  • amazing sea colours
  • calm atmospheres
  • very easy access

– Cons

  • pay attention when large waves come
  • central areas can be crowded


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