Dragano village, Lefkada

Dragano is one of the smallest villages in the west mountains of Lefkada, where a lot of local farmers live. If you would like to visit some of the best beaches on the west coast, such as Porto Katsiki beach or Egremni beach by car from the direction of Agios Nikitas, certainly you will meet Dragano. This tiny settlement is surrounded by olive groves, pine forests and grapeyards, therefore most of the locals are addicted to agriculture.

Lefkada Dragano

Informations about Dragano, Lefkada

The farmers produce extra virgin olive oils in excellent quality, local wines, honey products such as propolis, bee wax, honeycombs and of course many varietes of delicious honey. If you would like to taste or buy bee products of Dragano, stop your car at the small wood kiosks next to the road. This area is well known for its apiaries in Lefkada, because the other significant village nearby, Athani is also famous for it.


There are not much sights in the village, the main attractions are the amazing beaches of the west coast: Gialos beach is located 5 kilometers away, and to reach the famous stairs of Egremni beach you have to drive 7 kilometers. If you visit the are of Dragano, don’t forget to visit an iconic sight of Lefkada, the lighthouse of Cape Doukato about 18 kilometers away.

Info box

  • Coordinates: 38.682202, 20.576311
  • Δράγανο 310 82 Greece
  • 27 km south from Lefkada town
  • Population: 50
  • Facilities: apartments, studios, mini market, taverns
  • Nearest beaches: Gialos beach (5 km), Egremni beach (7 km), Porto Katsiki beach (12 km)
Main street of Dragano

+ Reasons to visit

  • calm atmospheres
  • homemade local products
  • high quality olive oils, honey, bee products

– Cons

  •  the beaches are far from Dragano
Lefkada apartments