Nidri Waterfalls

Nidri Waterfalls Lefkada (Dimosari Waterfalls)

A picturesque hiking route to the waterfalls in Lefkada: Nidri Waterfalls are one of the best sights of the island, surrounded by forests. Waterfalls are quite rare in Lefkada, but this natural attraction can be reached easy, because it is located just a few kilometers away from Nidri. If you are looking for the most beautiful waterfalls on your holiday, find the area of Nidri, where this place is marked on maps usually as Dimosari Waterfalls or Nidri Waterfalls. A walk to the waterfalls of Lefkada is recommended for everyone who are addicted to natural sights, because the hiking trail is not so long, but pretty scenic, and belongs to the highlights of the island.

Lefkada Nidri Waterfalls

Where to find

The waterfalls of Nidri are located on the east coast of Lefkada, 22 kilometers away from the capital and just a few kilometers away from the popular seaside resort. The narrow road which leads to the parking lot, starts from the bypass road of Nidri, or follow these coordinates for the junction: 38.711256, 20.707130. Usually the waterfalls are indicated by some road signs, which show the direction. After 3 kilometers you will see a small parking lot for cars and bikes, because from this point you have to walk. Parking at Nidri Waterfalls is usually free.

Nidri Waterfalls location in Lefkada

Informations about Nidri Waterfalls in Lefkada

Near the parking lot of Nidri Waterfalls there is a small tavern, known as The Plane Tree (Platanos) Ο Πλάτανος, where cold drinks and meal is served for guests. The restaurant got its name from the old plane trees, which are common in this area: in the tavern can be seen a big one also.

The Plane Tree restaurant near Nidri Waterfalls

The walk starts from the restaurant: an important information about the hiking trail its length, which is 350 meters long in one direction and the trip takes about 15-20 minutes. The difficulty of the trail is average, where hikers can meet some rocks, stairs and tree roots. During the walk to Nidri Waterfalls old plane trees and oaks provide shade for hikers, which is very pleasant in the hot summer days.

Hiking trail to Nidri Waterfalls Lefkada

Between the hiking trail of Dimosari Waterfalls and the walls of the gorge a small stream flows, which formed small waterfalls at some places. To reach the main attraction of Nidri Waterfalls you have to walk to end of the route, where you can find the highest waterfall in Lefkada island, surrounded by steep cliffs. The main waterfall at the end of the path is 15 meters high, with a small natural pool in front of the cliffs.

View to Lefkada Waterfalls in Nidri

Before you go to swim, always check the temperature of the water, because it is very cold even in the hottest summer months! Usually there are some visitors who try to swim in this charming pool, but it is really recommended only for those who tolerate icecold water temperatures.

In the hottest and driest summer months, especially in July and in August the volume of stream significantly decreases, or in extreme cases the waterfall dries out. Best times for a visit to Nidri Waterfalls in Lefkada are the morning hours or late afternoon, especially on hot days. A visit to the waterfalls and the hiking is free, travellers don’t have to pay an entry fee or ticket.

Waterfalls of Lefkada is one of the best sights

After you have visited the best waterfalls of Lefkada and you are looking for beaches of the area, the nearest place to swim is Nidri beach 6 kilometers away. Other significant beaches are Passa (Perigiali) beach 8 kilometers away in the north, and Desimi beach 11 kilometers away in the south. For the best accommodation options in this area just take a look to the apartments and hotels of Nidri. This village is one of the largest tourist resorts in Lefkada, where daily boat excursions and incredible wide range of restaurants are available, and its coastal promenade is amazing.

Lefkada Nidri apartments hotels

Info box

  • 3 km west from Nidri village
  • Facilities: The Plane Tree (Platanos) restaurant at the entrance
  • Accessibility: on foot from Nidri, or by car
  • Entry fee / ticket price: none (free entrance)
  • Difficulty: average
  • For disabled people the hike to Nidri Waterfalls is not recommended, because the trail contains stairs and rocky sections