Dimosari waterfalls

A picturesque hiking route leads to Dimosari waterfalls, the most known waterfalls in Lefkada.

If you would like discover a beautiful waterfall in Lefkada island, you must to go to Nidri. Coordinates are the following where you have to leave the bypass road of Nidri : 38.711256, 20.707130 (usually roads signs also show the right direction). After 3 kilometres you will see a small parking site for your car or bike, because from this point you have to walk. A few meters away from the entrance there is a small cafe bar with refreshments, beers and snacks.

Hiking to Dimosari waterfalls

The walk to Dimosari waterfalls takes only about 15-20 minutes on a mostly well maintaned footpath, with some rocks, stairs and curves. During the walk some old plane trees provide shade for hikers. A small stream flows along the trail and you can see some small waterfalls, but the main waterfall is located directly at the end of the route. Dimosari waterfall is approx. 15 meters high, surrounded by large rocks and cliffs. The nature forms here a small natural pool, where you can cool yourself, but be aware, the water is very cold here! Usually there are some visitors who are trying to swim in this pool, but it is really recommended only for those who like icecold water temperature.

In the hottest and driest summer months, especially in July and August the volume of stream significantly decreases, or in extreme cases the waterfall dries out.

The best time to visit Dimosari waterfall are in the morning hours or in late afternoon. Visiting Dimosari waterfall and hiking the trail is free, there is no entry fee.

And now take a look some photos about the waterfall, from the starting point to the end of the route!

Don’t forget to refresh when you are done with Dimosari waterfalls tour, take head to the nearby beaches like Nidri beach, Dessimi beach, Passa beach, or raise the stakes and visit the best beaches in Lefkada!

Guide to Dimosari waterfalls

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates:  38.723155, 20.688754
3 km west from Nidri village
Facilities on the beachFacilities: small tavern at the entrance
AccessibilityAccessibility: on foot from Nidri, or by car
Entrance Fee: none (free entrance)



Dimosari waterfalls on map


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