Location / where to find: Lefkada west, Athani

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Paralia Egremni, Egremnoi, Gremni, Egkremni beach

Extreme beauty in Lefkada west coast – Egremni beach is characterized by incredible blue and white colours.

Egremni beach is well known from its exceptional scenery, where Mother Nature formed breathtaking steep cliffs, and white pebbled seabed with surprisingly blue coloured sea. This amazing place in Lefkada island is known by many names, so if you hear or see somewhere Egremni mentioned as Egkremni beach, Egremnoi or Gremni, all of these mean the same beach.

In the last years the only access was to Egremni beach from the sea by boat, because on november 17, 2015 an earthquake in Lefkada demolished the beach and ruined 300 stairs. From 2021 Egremni can be accessed again on the road, from the direction of the island, due to the newly constructed, stronger and safer stairs and a renovated asphalt road.

Egremni beach by boat

The boat excursions from Nidri and Vasiliki depart in the morning hours during the summer months, and spend a few hours on the beach. The daily cruises depart several times a week from both ports of Lefkada, schedules are avalaible in tourist offices, can be read on flyers and leaflets, and in the evenings at the boats.

Passengers fall in love with Egremni at the first sight, because arriving to this beach is an amazing experience due to its stunning natural features. When the Ionian Sea is calm on the western coastline of Lefkada, you can get ashore and you can sunbathe, swim or snorkel safely. There are some periods also when big waves arrive from the west, then excursion boats stay on the open water. It also has a charm, because passengers can swim or jump into the water a little further, in front of Egremni beach, one of the most best beaches in Lefkada island!

Pay attention: staying directly under the vertical cliffs involves high risk, and it is not recommended. There may be some falling stones and rocks, and you better do it that you stay closer to the sea.

Egremni beach access by car

The route to Egremni beach starts in the area of Athani village, because the beach is located in the south, only a few kilometres away from Porto Katsiki beach. Blue road signs sometimes indicate the place as ‘Gremni‘, but as we mentioned above, these signs refer the same beach. From 2021 the asphalt road to Egremni is renovated and wider than before, but be careful when driving this route, its still filled with hairpin bends. 

A few years ago, before the earthquake of November 2015 a dilapidated wooden staircase was the final section of the path to Egremni, but it collapsed in the natural disaster.

Egremni stairs

The old wooden stairs to Egremni, before the eartquake of 2015

In early 2021 it was replaced by a much stronger metal staircase, for a safer and more stable beach access. In 2021 the steep walls of the hillside were also equipped with a safety net against the falling rocks, for a higher safety of visitors.

Egremni beach photo and gallery, Lefkada west coast
The new stairs of Egremni make easier the beach access since 2021, but as you can see, you have to walk down for a while

Due to a limited number of parking spaces it’s worth coming here in the morning even now, especially in July or August. A walk to Egremni from the parking lot can be tiring in the afternoons, so get ready, and if yaou can, avoid the hottest hours.

Egremni beach
Visiting Egremni beach

You can admire also Egremni beach from one of the best lookout points of Lefkada, on the road when you are driving to Porto Katsiki beach.

When you see the exceptional panorama with your own eyes, you will understand why is this beach one of the most famous beaches in Lefkada island, and why has Egremni thousands of fans!

Egremni beach Lefkada blue, aerial drone photo
Egremni beach colors represent the amazing Lefkada blue well, our aerial drone photo

Where to stay close to Egremni?

Egremni beach is located in the southwest of Lefkada, which can be accessed by a long and winding road and some stairs, or by boat from Nidri or Vasiliki port. The nearest villages to Egremni are Athani and Dragano in the mountains, these settlements are located about 4-5 kilometers away from the beach. Fortunately in the area of these villages you can find some great villas and apartments which are also recommended by visitors.

If you would like to stay away from the noise of tourist resorts and the crowds, its a perfect location, because the most popular villages of Lefkada are much further away. Just take a look the following distances: Lefkada town lies about 38 kilometers, Nidri 36 kilometers, Vasiliki 16 kilometers, Agios Nikitas 25 kilometers from this area.

Villas in the area of Egremni beach

Okeanos Luxury Villas (Superior / Deluxe, up to 8 guests)

Harmony & Horizon Villas (up to 6 guests)

Villa Agapi (4 guests)

Sun & Stone (up to 6 guests)

Anerada / Sun Nature Holidays (5 guests)

Villa Lilium (6 people)

Apartments & studios within a few kilometers from Egremni

South Side (2-4 guests)

Aloni Studios & Apartments (2-4 guests)

Horizon View apartments (up to 7 guests)

Elena Studios (2-3 guests)

Athani Summer House (up to 4-6 guests)

Pure Blue studios &apartments (2-8 people)

Ble on Blue (4-6 guests)

Serenity Boutique Hotel (2-3 guests)


Egremni beach info

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates:  38.634339, 20.557836
40 km southwest from Lefkada town, next to Athani village
Sea colourSea water color: blue, turquoise
Sand typeSand type: sand, small pebbles, pebbles
Beaches depth iconDepth: normal
Waves Sea surface: moderate
CrowdsCrowds: normal (sometimes crowded during high season)
Facilities on the beachFacilities: –
InformationOther Information: –
AccessibilityAccessibility: by daily excursion boat trips and cruises, by car or scooter (from 2021)

+ Pros

  • amazing water colours and scenery
  • calm atmospheres
  • can be accessed by boat from Nidri and Vasiliki port, and finally on asphalt road (from 2021)

– Cons

  • you can stay on the beach at your own risk due to falling rocks
  • long and exhausting walk, if you visit Egremni by car or scooter
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