Lefkada town

Lefkada town travel guide

Explore a picturesque capital of Lefkada island, Greece: Lefkada town, or Λευκάδα is a marvelous place with a lot of sights and hidden gems. The largest town of the island has a lot of great features, which make it very attractive and tempting, and it’s definitely worth a visit. By walking in Lefkada town travellers can meet an amazing old town with colourful houses, long lines of great restaurants and coffee bars, an exciting pedestrian road with old churches and wonderful atmospheres in every periods.

Lefkada town Greece, capital of Lefkada

Read this travel guide, and you will fall in love with the capital of Lefkada!

Where to find

The location of Lefkada town is one of the best things: the capital is located in the north, directly next to the floating bridge of Agia Mavra. This is the main entrance of Lefkada island in Greece, so everybody meet the town who travel by car or by plane, it doesn’t matter where your apartment is. Preveza Airport is situated about 20 kilometers from the town, which has direct connection with Lefkada town by local buses.

View to Lefkada town location

The most importants roads of the island lead from Lefkada town to the east coast and to the west coast both, so Nidri, Nikiana, Vasiliki, or Agios Nikitas can be reached from here, as well as the famous beaches.

Lefkada town informations

The name of Lefkada town is the same as the island, similar to a lot of islands in Greece: Λευκάδα or Lefkas. Altough the capital of Lefkada is the largest town in Lefkada, but with its 10,000 inhabitants it’s just a medium sized, friendly settlement in Greece. As you can see on the photos, Lefkada town was built on the most flattest land of the island, and there are just a few suburban parts, which were built on the surrounding hills.

One of the best streets in Lefkada town

The history of Lefkada town is quite interesting, because is the town has ancient roots: on the surrounding hills an ancient city flourished a few thousand years ago, known as the Ancient Lefkas (Leukas). The town had a modern society with an army, fleet of ships and significant economy, but after Romans were founded the city of Nicopolis a few kilometers away, Ancient Lefkas lost its importance. In the middle ages the area was under the control of Venetians, who made the town important again.

Lefkada town main square in the old town with great history

Today Lefkada town is the center of local economy, where the most of services and shops operate. The largest port on the island was built here, which is bigger than Nidri marina: you can see here dozens of docked sailboats and elegant yachts, equipped by boat repair facilites. Lefkada marina has probably the calmest waters in the area of Ionian Islands, because it is very well protected from the sea streams, large waves and the western winds.

Port of Lefkada town

What to see

Lefkada town is not just a capital and the largest settlement of the island, but there are several reasons to visit this gem during your holiday. If you are looking for picturesque streets in the villages of the island, you are at the best place: one of the most beautiful streets of Lefkada town is located on the north side of the town, where you can find a seaside promenade. Take a tour to look to the colorful houses which were built in Venetian style next to a small canal, where exciting coffee bars and restaurant are waiting for guests.

Lefkada promenade

This promenade was named after the famous Greek poet Angelos Sikelianos (Aggelou Sikelianou), who was born in Lefkada. This amazing pedestrian street is closed for road traffic in the evenings between 18:00 – 06:00, and it becomes one of the most visited pedestrian streets during summer nights: the local cocktail bars are the heart of the bustling nightlife of Lefkada. Next to the promenade there flows a small canal, called often as Kanali, which is connected through small culverts to the neighboring lagoon and the Ionian Sea.

Lefkada town nightlife

The iconic wooden bridge of Lefkada town is situated also here, which is an amazing place to make the best photos – especially the sunsets are magical! In recent years in front of the wooden bridge there is a small fishing boat which is illuminated at nights. On maps you can find Lefkada wooden bridge as Ξύλινη Γέφυρα Λευκάδας in Greek language.

Sunset over Lefkada town's bridge

Most of the local museums of Lefkada can be visited near, where you can meet the Archaeological Museum of Lefkada (Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Λευκάδας) or Museum of Angelos Sikelianos (Μουσείο Άγγελου Σικελιανού).

Lefkada old town

Behind the seaside promenade you can discover the charming old town of Lefkada. The colorful houses are not so old as they seem, but many buildings were constructed in traditional Venetian style, decorated with fragrant flowers and other plants. Especially the narrow alleys of the old town are charming, so when you visit Lefkada town, just walk around and discover these hidden gems. The street views are so lovely, that many visitors says Lefkada town is a small jewel among the capitals of the Ionian Islands.

Pedestrian street

The best pedestrian street in Lefkada town, which is also the longest in the island, starts from the wooden bridge. This charming street is filled with coffee bars, clothing and souvenir stores, where you can find everything you need. In the evenings this is a bustling place on the island, where nightlife is significant.

Lefkada town shops and where to buy

The main square of the old town is situated also here, where bars and restaurants are waiting for the guests. In these places you can drink or eat something delicious, or just take a seat and enjoy the exceptional atmospheres of the city. On the north side of the square you can meet one of the oldest churches of the town, St. Spyridon Church or Ιερός Ναός Αγίου Σπυρίδωνα in Greek.

Lefkada town square

When you walk around, you will see a lot of hidden gems in the old town, where old chapels and churches can be find – the oldest is called Pantokratoras, and it was built by the Venetians in the 17th century.

What you should know about the capital of Lefkada

Almost every streets and small squares in Lefkada town has its own restaurants, cocktail bars, supermarkets, bakeries, souvenir shops, and clothing stores. Most of the stores open at 9 AM, except the largest local supermarkets, which open earlier. The shops usually adapt to the needs of tourists and are open until late night, but good to know that some of these are closed in the afternoons, and reopen a few hours later. You can find in Lefkada town the widest range of services of the island: banks, ATM-s, hairdressers, car and tire repairs, fuel stations, literally everything you need.

Old town, Lefkada

The largest supermarkets in Lefkada town are AB Market, My Market, LIDL, Sklavenitis, which are located 1-2 kilometers away from the center in the southern areas. Most of the petrol stations were built in the outskirts, but these can be accessedd easy by car, just drive through the southern ring road. The general hospital of Lefkada island is located also in this town, the building also was built in the southern outskirts.

Supermarkets in Lefkada town

Parking in Lefkada town is no complicated, just find the largest parking lots. These are located in the south and in the north: the first large car park is situated near next to the port, while the second park was built at the end of the seaside promenade, next to the Archeological Museum of Lefkada (Cultural Center). These can be used for free, and offer places for hundreds of cars. If you would like to avoid these parking lots and you prefer to park your car on the streets, usually you will have a much harder job.

Free parking lot

The main bus station of Lefkada (KTEL Lefkadas) is near the south parking lot: find the port and walk in the direction of Nidri.

Beaches in the area

Near Lefkada town there are some stunning beaches with unique features. Ammoglossa beach near the floating bridge looks like a lagoon, Kastro beach is situated directly next to it. The long Gira beach lasts until the amazing Agios Ioannis beach, where the windmills and the windsurfers of Lefkada can be find. These places be reached by a 25-50 minutes of walk from the town center or by car.

Lefkada town beach, Agios Ioannis

If you spend your holiday in Lefkada island, don’t miss a visit in Lefkas town! Its charming streets, the atmospheres of the old town with the bustling pedestrian streets will impress you.

Where to stay, local apartments and studios

The area of Lefkada town is a great location for a holiday in the island for many travellers: several famous beaches on the west coast can be accessed easy, as well on the east coast. A lot of apartments and studios were built here, and you can find some hotels also. In the west outskirt of Lefkada town, just two kilometers away there are the accommodations of Agios Ioannis, which is also amazing destination for a stay, and an exceptional beach is near.

Best Lefkada town hotels and apartments

Info box

  • Population: approx. 10,000
  • Facilities: restaurants, coffee bars, pubs, supermarkets, souvenir shops, bakeries, car rental agencies, ATM, port, car wash, fuel stations, museums, pharmacy, apartments and studios for rent, tobacco shop, bookstore, post office, police, bus station
  • Nearest beaches:  Agios Ioannis beach (2 km), Gira beach (4 km), Kastro beach (1,5 km), Ammoglossa beach (1,5 km)

+ Reasons to visit Lefkas town

  • bustling summer life
  • a lot of great taverns, cocktail bars, souvenir stores
  • picturesque streets, old town feeling
  • offers most of the services in Lefkada
  • amazing sunsets
  • largest supermarkets of the island

– Cons

  • sometimes hard to find parking place when the parking lots are filled
  • from the port there are no boat excursions or daily boat trips


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