Lefkada town

Lefkada town is the picturesque capital of Lefkada island with an amazing old town, great taverns, seaside coffee bars, long promenades and calm atmospheres!

The town is located on the northern side of the island, directly next to the interesting pontoon bridge, at the entrance of Lefkada. It is called as Lefkada town, or as some residents say, Lefkas. If you visit Lefkada island by bus or by car, the capitol will be the first settlement, what you will meet.

Lefkas is a medium sized city, with a population about 10,000. It was built on the most flattest land of the island, and there is only a small suburban part, built on the surrounding hills. On the eastern side of Lefkada town there is a large port, which is the most important port of the island beside the port of Nidri. There are dozens of docked sailboats, elegant yachts, smaller boats, and you can find here large ship repair facilites too. This marina is probably the calmest harbour around the Ionian Islands, very well protected from the western streams and big waves.

On the north of Lefkas there is a picturesque promenade named after the famous poet Angelos Sikelianos, with several interesting bars and some grilltaverns. During summer nights these cocktail bars are the heart of the bustling nightlife of Lefkada. Next to the promenade flows a small canal, which is connected through small culverts to Ionian Sea.

The iconic wooden bridge of Lefkada town is situated here, which is an amazing place to make great photos – especially the sunsets are magical!

Lefkada old town

Behind the north promenade you can discover the charming old town of Lefkada. The houses are not so old as they seem, but many of them were built in traditional Venetian styles, decorated with fragrant flowers and other plants. Especially the narrow alleys of the old town are charming, so when you visit Lefkada town, just walk around and discover these hidden treasures. The street views are so enchanting, that many visitors says Lefkada town is a small jewel among the capitals of Ionian Islands!

The main square of the old town is also here, where coffee bars and restaurant are waiting for the guests. In these places you can drink or eat something delicious, or just take a seat and enjoy the atmosphere of the city. When you walk around, you will see tiny chapels and churches in the town – the oldest one is called Pantokratoras, which is built by the Venetians in the 17th century.

Almost every street and square in Lefkada town host many taverns, bars, supermarkets, bakeries, souvenir shops, and clothing stores. Most of the stores open at 9 o’clock, and only a few opens earlier. These shops are adapted to the needs of tourists and are open until late night, but good to know that some of them are closed during afternoons, and reopen a few hours later. You can find in Lefkada town wide range of services, like banks, ATM, hairdressers, car repairs, and many other – everything you need.

Most of the parking sites in Lefkas are located near to the port, and at the end of the north promenade, next to the Archeological Museum of Lefkada.

The nearest beaches to Lefkada town are called Amoglossa, Kastro, Gira and Agios Ioannis. The first two beaches can be reached easily, just a few minutes’ walk, but the other two is also located in a short distance.

If you spend your holiday in Lefkada island, don’t miss Lefkas town because of its charming streets, the atmospheres of the old town, and the bustling pedestrian street!

Recommended apartments and studios in the area Lefkada town

Apartments Avra (up to 2 – 4 guests, pool)

Anthias Garden (up to 2 – 4 guests, studios and apartments)

Lefkas Blue Residence (up to 2 – 8 guests, apartments / superior apartments)

Ithaki Holidays (up to 3 – 5 guests, pool)

Summer Dream Lefkas (up to 3 – 6 guests)

Villagio (up to 2 – 3 guests, pool)

Lefkadio Suites (superior / executive suits)

Niver Plaza Suits (junior & premium suites, up to 3 – 5 guests)

The Lefkadian Collection (up to 4 guests, town center)

Dione Apartment (up to 5 guests)

The Secret Boutique Hotel (up to 2 – 4 guests, town center)

Villa Elia (junior & family suites and apartments, pool)


Recommended villas in the area Lefkada town

Villa Niriides (up to 10 guests, pool)

Villa Gerosimoula (up to 6 guests)

Kydonies Villas (up to 2 – 4 guests, private pool)

Aeriko Beachfront Villa (pool)

Arenaria L Villas Complex (up to 8 guests, pool)

Ionian Land Villas (up to 5 guests)

Gatsoulis Villas (up to 4 – 6 guests)

Miltiadis Farm (up to 2 – 7 guests)

Fairytale Villa (up to 8 guests)

Olive Green Villas (superior villa, up to 6 guests)


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Guide to Lefkada town

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates:  38.835453, 20.709985
CrowdsPopulation: 10,000
Facilities on the beachFacilities: taverns, coffee bars, apartments, supermarkets, shops, bakeries, rent a car agencies, atm, port
InformationNearest beaches:  Agios Ioannis beach (2 km), Gira beach (3 km)


+ Reasons to visit Lefkas town

  • bustling summer life
  • many great taverns, cocktail bars, souvenir stores
  • picturesque streets, true old town feeling
  • offers most of the services in Lefkada

– Cons

  • sometimes hard to find parking site in the town center



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