Kastro beach

Kastro beach is located on the northern side of Lefkada island.

The beach has easy access, it is located near to Lefkada town, only two kilometres from the capitol. If you drive to the exit of the island, don’t turn down to the metal pontoon bridge (P/C Agia Mavra), just drive ahead and follow the road. From the bridge the beach is located only 300 m in the north, there are some parking places too. Kastro beach is not an organized area, most of the time there are no parasols or beach bars. In the background there is an old factory, which is an unused and abandoned hall.

Kastro beach can be loved for its calm waters and turquoise sea colours, and the proximity of Lefkada town among Lefkada beaches.

The seabed is filled here with coarse and and some pebbles, these qualities make the beach suitable for smaller children also. The atmosphere of the beach is usually calm, it is crowded only during high season weekends. Visitors come here often on foot or by bicycle from Lefkada town, because it is situated only one kilometer from the city centre.



If you like secluded beaches, in the area you can find easily some places to hide. There are some other great beaches near to Kastro, like Amoglossa in the eastern side, Gira beach and the amazing Agios Ioannis in the west.

Guide to Kastro beach

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates:  38.847173, 20.718409
2 km north from Lefkada town
Sea colourSea water color: blue
Sand typeSand type: sand, small pebbles
Beaches depth iconDepth: shallow
Waves Sea surface: usually calm
CrowdsCrowds: normal
Facilities on the beachFacilities: –
InformationOther Information: –
AccessibilityAccessibility: by car, on foot from Lefkada town

+ Pros

  • short distance from Lefkada town
  • easy access

– Cons

  • abandonded industrial buildings in the area


Kastro beach on map


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