Kastro beach

Located in the north areas of Lefkada, Kastro beach is situated near to the pontoon bridge of Lefkada. The access of this place is very easy for visitors, because it can be reached from two directions from the capital.

Lefkada Kastro beach

Where to find Kastro beach in Lefkada

This beach has very easy access in Lefkada island, because Kastro beach (or Παραλία Κάστρο in Greek language) is situated behind the lagoon of Lefkada town, just about 1,5 kilometer away from the capital. If you drive to the entrance of Lefkada island, don’t turn onto the pontoon bridge of Agia Mavra, just follow the road and go straight.

Kastro beach is located only 300 meters away in the north from the floating bridge, directly next to the unique Ammoglossa beach. The other option to access the beach is from the direction of Agios Ioannis beach / Gira beach, where you can park your car next to the road.

Kastro beach Lefkada view by aerial drone photo

Travel guide with photos

This area of Lefkada and Kastro beach doesn’t belong the most famous places of the island, because in the background there is an old factory, which is unused and it looks like an abandoned hall. This building was a winery a few decades ago, but it lost its significance and now the building became a ruined facility.

Summer in Lefkada Kastro beach

Despite its surroundings, Kastro beach is quite good beach, where coarse sand and shallow water are awaing for visitors. Most parts of the beach are unorganized, but recent years there are sometimes a few parasols and sunbeds for rent.

Kastro beach Lefkada town

The seabed is filled here by coarse and by some pebbles, which qualities make Kastro beach suitable for smaller children near Lefkada town (Λευκάδα). The atmospheres of the beach are usually calm, it can be crowded only during high season weekends. Visitors come here sometimes on foot or by bicycle from the capital, because this place is situated just one kilometer from the city centre.

Kastro beach buildings

Kastro beach can be loved for its calm waters and for its turquoise sea colours, and don’t forget, it is the nearest beach among Lefkada beaches. The drawback of Kastro beach can be its location, because the local winds are usually significant here.

Kastro beach Lefkada town

What to see near Kastro beach

There are some other interesting beaches near to Kastro beach, such as Ammoglossa beach in the east, which is famous for its breakwaters. Ammoglossa has a shallow and protected part, and can be recommended for children. The other beach nearby is Gira beach, with its 2 kilometers length everybody can find their place. The third beach of the are is the amazing Agios Ioannis beach in the west, where the windmills of Lefkada can be find. When the sun shines, the colours of the Ionian Sea look like a Caribbean!

If you are interested in historical sights, you can visit Agia Mavra Fort and Griva Castle (Κάστρο Γρίβα), which are next to the entrance of Lefkada.

Lefkada Kastro beach sea

Where to stay

Kastro beach

Kastro beach info

Known as: Kastro beach, Paralia Kastro, Παραλία Κάστρο

  • Coordinates:  38.847173, 20.718409
  • 2 km north from Lefkada town
  • Sea water color: blue
  • Sand type: coarse sand, small pebbles
  • Depth: shallow
  • Sea surface: usually calm
  • Crowds: normal
  • Facilities: parasols / sunbeds in high season
  • Other Information: –
  • Accessibility: by car, on foot from Lefkada town

+ Pros

  • short distance from Lefkada town
  • very easy access
  • shallow seabed

– Cons

  • abandonded industrial buildings in the area
  • can be windy
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