Meganisi is one of the largest and most populated islands near Lefkada, with approx 1.000 inhabitants.

The island is located between Lefkada and Kalamos island, just 1,5 km off the east coast of Lefkada. The shape of Meganisi looks very interesting: in the north it is stout, but the southern part is long and very narrow. The geographical conditions of Meganisi are quite various, because the island has several fertile hills and valleys. Such as other islands nearby, Meganisi is also a pretty green island with millions of mediterranean trees, pines and flowers.

What to see in Meganisi island, villages and beaches

Meganisi (Meganissi) has three small villages, all of them are located in the north. The names of the villages are from west to east Spartochori, Vathy and Katomeri. Two of these three villages have small port, which are home of the local’s small fishing boats and larger ferries, but also there are some other smaller ports for ribs.

The island’s main attractions and best sights are the emerald bays with calm waters, a small but picturesque harbours, and of course a relaxing and peaceful atmospheres everywhere in Meganisi. The main beaches of the island are located in the north, because the narrow southern part of Meganisi is characterized by vertical cliffs.

Meganisi beaches are filled with pebbles and rocks, and only a few of them are organized with parasols and sunbeds. The sea is crystal clear around the island and there are some shallow areas for children. The best beaches of the island are called Ammoglossa, Agios Ioannis, Nylec and Limonari.

The island has some great hiking trails for nature lovers, so Meganisi is an ideal destination for hiking.

Archeologists found several coins, sculptures and artwork from Neolithic era. The island has many conquerors over the centuries, and Meganisi was under Roman, Venetian, Turkish, French and British rule. Meganisi finally became a part of the united Greece in the year of 1864.

Papanikolis cave, the most famous sight of Meganisi

One of most interesting stories of Meganisi is related to a Greek submarine, called Papanikolis.

The codename of the submarine was Y-2, it was built between 1925-1927. The submarine was one of the most successful naval unit in Hellenic Navy during World War II. Under the World War II. Papanikolis submarine has sunk several enemy ships on her patrols on the Ionian Sea and Aegean Sea. In the southern side of Meganisi island there is a large sea cave, which was discovered by Papanikolis submarine during the World War II. The cave and its area became a hiding place many times when Papanikolis was on patrol, and the enemy did not discover the secret cave for months. This is the main reason why the cave was named after a submarine, and it is still called today.

Papanikolis cave is a very popular destination for visitors, a lot of excursion boats arrive here from Nidri during summer months. The cave is one of the largest sea caves not only in Greece, but in Europe also!

If you sail near the coastline of the island, you will meet other interesting sea caves. Papanikolis cave is definitely a large one, but not the only sea cave in Meganisi!

How to visit Meganisi by ferries or by boat

Due to its locaton the primary access of Meganisi is the port of Nidri in Lefkada, which are situated just a few kilometers from each other. Meganisi is connected to Lefkada with ferries well, which depart several times a day from the port of Nidri, in a period between May to September. Out of season ferries runs much less, but there are also routes, just check the schedules of the ferry companies.

The trip of the ferry takes just about 25 minutes, so the route is pretty quick. More about ferry schedules between Lefkada and Meganissi:

There are also some option to visit Meganisi for a few hours sightseeing, because from Nidri there are some boat excursions. Look around the port and watch the billboards of daily boat trips, it’s sure you will find routes to Meganisi.

The island has also apartments and villas for rent, which can be booked if you would like to stay here. Click here to find accommodations for your stay in Meganisi island…

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