Gas stations

The island of Lefkada is well equipped with gas stations. 

Most of the petrol stations were built in the eastern side of the island, near to the most popular villages. You can find companies in the area of Lefkada town, Nidri, Vasiliki, Lygia.

In the western side of the island the stations are not typical, so you do better if you are not leaving the fuel tank empty. In these side of Lefkada the main stations are located near to Agios Nikitas.

Lefkada gas stations

The gas stations of Lefkada are operated mainly by local families, but some of them are contracted with known petrol companies like EKO, Shell, BP, and some other. These facilites use these logos officially. The sizes of the stations are varied, most of these facilites in Lefkada can be find in smaller size. Don’t be afraid, the quality of the fuel at the stations is good, you do not have to be afraid of its bad quality and ruining your engine. The stations in some cases don’t accept credit cards, so every time ask staff for payment options!

Unleaded 95 / Diesel

At all the stations you can find unleaded (95 benzine or gasoline) and diesel fuels both. The standard octane rating at the stations is 95, which is recommended for all the gasoline cars. In the shops of the petrol stations you can find some other liquids for your car like lubricants, motor oils, windshield washer, and other necessary things.


If your car is running on LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), there are 4 LPG stations in the island: two facilites are located in Lefkada town, and other two are waiting for customers in Nidri and in Vasiliki.

Good to know, that the prices of the fuels are slightly higher in Lefkada than the mainland, but this can be said to every Greek island.

Small gas station near Agios Nikitas (next to the road towards Kathisma beach)



Locations of petrol stations in Lefkada island: Lefkada town, Nidri, Vasiliki, Vlicho, Perigiali, Marantochori, Lygia, Lazarata, Agios Nikitas

Fuel in Greek language: καύσιμα
Benzine / gasoline in Greek: βενζίνη
Diesel in Greek: ντίζελ


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