Karya is a traditional mountain village in Lefkada, which is hidden by green hills. If you visit Karya village on your holiday, you can find here great taverns, relaxing atmospheres and ancient traditions of lace making.

The village is not so popular as Nidri or other coastal resorts of Lefkada, but there are several reasons to visit Karya. First of all, it has mountainous atmospheres, because when you look around, you see only the beautiful hills and valleys. Karya is surrounded by extremely lush vegetation, on the hills of Pyrgos you can see thousands pines and junipers, old plane trees and bushes.

Where to find Karya in Lefkada

Karya (or Karia) is located in the heart of the island, surrounded by mountains, but it’s not difficult to reach at all. If you visit the village from north, direction of Lefkada town (15 km), the road is quite wide, but from Nidri (13 km) the route is also passable. Free parking lots were made in the outskirts of Karyia, but also there are paid parkings in the center of the village, near to the main square.

Karya central square

Even if you just travel through village, you will meet the large main square of Karya, where old plane trees grow and provide natural shade for visitors. The central square is surrounded by coffee bars and taverns, during summer months all of these are open and wait for guests. The best restaurants in Karya which are recommended by guests are called ‘To Pardalo Katsiki’ tavern and ‘Taverna Eleni’, find them on both sides of the square.

When you discover the streets of Karya, you will see a lot of traditional houses made by stone and wood. The characteristic temple of Karya with its bell tower is called Agios Spyridonas, and can be found next to the main road, just a minute walk from the central square.

Karya is widely known for its traditions in Lefkada island, the most important is lace making. In the shops of Karya you can buy handcrafted goods, carpets, laces, wooden products. Nowadays embroidery is not as popular as it was a few decades ago, but some locals are still made beautiful laces and carpets, which can be also buy in shops.

Maria Koutsohero Museum – Karya folklore and traditions

Karya has also an interesting ethnographic exhibition, called Maria Koutsohero Museum. This is a small private museum, which contains embroidery exhibits and other interesting folklore items, where you can see several artworks from the past centuries. By visiting Maria Koutsohero museum tourists can understand easier how the inhabitants of Lefkada were living in the past. Maria Koutsohero (Maria Stavraka) lived in Karya, who brought back the embroidery technique of old times, and combined it with a completely novel technique. This is called as a unique Karsaniki stitch, a one hand embroidery. The figures and designs of Karsaniki stitch were primarily inspired from the nature, for example from shape of trees and its leafs.

Maria Koutsohero folklore museum is located in the north side of Karia and it is open daily between April and November.
Opening hours: 09:00 – 21:00, entry fee / ticket: approx. 3 Euro / person

One of the most intereting things in Karya, that during winter months sometimes the snow falls, and cover the landscape in white. It provides totally different experience than the coastline, but it is very unique and beautiful!

Recommended villas, apartments and studios in Karya village

Karya Villas (up to 5 guests)

Christos House (up to 7 guests)

Karya Central Cottage (up to 6 guests)

Lagkada Suites (up to 3 – 6 guests)

Carsazzio Cottage House (up to 4 guests)

Petronas Villa (up to 23 guests)

Stone Villa Hermione (up to 5 guests)

Guide / info box

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates:  38.759739, 20.648544
15 km south from Lefkada town
CrowdsPopulation: 590
Facilities on the beachFacilities: supermarkets, taverns, ATM, apartments, cafe bars, souvenir stores, bakery, parking lots
InformationNearest beaches: Nikiana beach (13 km)

+ Reasons to visit Karya village in Lefkada island

  • unique mountain atmospheres
  • interesting traditions and folklore
  • lace making
  • nice town square with large plane trees
  • Maria Koutsohero Folklore Museum

– Cons

  • far from the Ionian Sea

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