Location / where to find: Lefkada east coast, Evgiros

Paralia Afteli

Afteli beach is a tiny, but very lovely beach with emerald waters on the east side of Lefkada.

It can be accessed through the main road that leads on the east from Nidri to Vasiliki. Watch the road signs in the area of Marantochori village, turn off the road when you see the sign to Evgiros, and drive through the village. The distance from Evgiros village to Afteli beach is just 2 kilometers, but the road is quite narrow with some hairpin bends, and you have to pay attention by driving here.

At the end of the asphalt road there is a small parking lot with Afteli beach bar restaurant. This tiny natural bay is organized with a few parasols and sunbeds, but the number of the places are strongly limited due its geographical conditions. The emerald waters of Afteli beach are recommended for snorkeling also, you may see some fishes and interesting sea creatures here if you dive.

The anchored fishing boats and the green scenery are idyllic, the visitors like the charming views and friendly atmospheres very much.

The seabed is filled with pebbles and coarse sand here, so in case of sensitive soles you may need water shoes. The surrounding hills in the background of Afteli are famous for its evergreen pine forests and bushes, the vegetation is especially lush in the area.

The sea surface is usually calm here, there are no such big waves as on the west coast of Lefkada – Afteli bay is very well protected from the winds and sea streams. These qualities make Afteli great for swimming almost every day, from spring to late autumn.

Accommodation info near Afteli beach

The beach is tiny bay on the east coast of Lefkada, and as you see, it is surrounded by mountains. Directly next to Afteli beach there are no such apartments or studios for rent, but in Evgiros village (2 km), or in Marantochori (5 km) you can find some.

Apartments and studios of the area

Manto’s House Evgiros (up to 6 person)

Tsoutsis Apartments (Marantochori) (up to 8)


Hillside Villa Evgiros (up to 5 guests)

Quiet House (Marantochori) (up to 6)

Villa Galinios (up to 5)

Rock Garden Villa (up to 7)

Villa Apollonii (up to 6 person)

Villa LeSunLuka (up to 10 guests)

Afteli beach guide / info box

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates:  38.610276, 20.656807
35 km south from Lefkada town
Sea colourSea water color: blue, green
Sand typeSand type: coarse sand, pebbles
Beaches depth iconDepth: shallow
Waves Sea surface: usually calm
CrowdsCrowds: may crowded during high season
Facilities on the beachFacilities: Afteli beach bar restaurant, small parking lot, showers
InformationOther Information: –
AccessibilityAccessibility: by car

+ Pros

  • calm sea, ideal for swim
  • tiny bay with crystal clear, emerald coloured waters
  • beautiful scenery
  • great snorkeling options

– Cons

  • too small for the large number of visitors during high season
  • only a few parking places
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