Vasiliki beach

The main beach of Vasiliki is a wide bay with calm waters, which is ideal and suitable for children.

The beach is near to the port of Vasiliki, and has a small parking site. Behind the parasols and sunbeds there are some coffee bars and taverns, where you can drink or eat something delicious. The sea is usually calm and shallow at this place, so it is recommended for families. The seabed is filled with coarse sand, which is comfortable enough for your feet.

Surf in Vasiliki and Ponti

The other side of Vasiliki beach you can see Ponti, the village of windsurf. Ponti and Vasiliki are the center of windsurf in Lefkada island, thousands of surfers come here during summertime. The windsurfers cross the waves primarily in the afternoons, when the special wind ‘Eric’ arrives to the bay. In the afternoons you can see dozens of windsurfers in the bay, especially windsurf is relevant in Vasiliki and Ponti. If you want to try this spectacular extreme sport, just walk to Ponti and rent an equipment!

For the other important surf style, called kitesurf is the best place on the northern side of Lefkada, next to Agios Ioannis beach.

In the southern side of Vasiliki, behind the ferryport there are some small coves with rocky seabed. If you like secluded,unorganized tiny beaches, discover them!

About Vasiliki village

Vasiliki is situated on the southern side of Lefkada, and it is a popular tourist resort in the island. The village has a small port where daily boat cruises depart to discover some nearby beaches and islands. The charming streets of Vasiliki host several interesting taverns and cocktail bars, supermarkets, clothing boutiques, and other tourist facilites. A dozens of apartments and studios can be also rented, almost with full occupancy during the high season. If you are looking for a friendly village with calm atmospheres, flowery streets, and a picturesque harbour, take a look at Vasiliki!

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Guide to Vasiliki beach

Lefkada GPS CoordinatesCoordinates:  38.630680, 20.602541
km south from Lefkada town
Sea colourSea water color: green
Sand typeSand type: sand, small pebbles
Beaches depth iconDepth: shallow
Waves Sea surface: calm
CrowdsCrowds: normal
Facilities on the beachFacilities: parking site, beach bars, taverns, parasols, sunbeds
InformationOther Information: –
AccessibilityAccessibility: by car, on foot from Vasiliki

+ Pros

  • easy access;
  • taverns and coffee bars in the area;
  • surf center in the area (Ponti / Vasiliki);
  • the shallow bay is ideal for children;

– Cons

  • can be crowded during the summer months



Vasiliki beach location / map


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