Avali beach

Avali beach guide, Lefkada

The charming Avali beach in Lefkada will definitely touch you when visit this place, because amazing blue waters and spectacular views are guaranteed. The fans of Avali beach appreciate the local bar which can be find here, surrounded by banana palms and friendly atmospheres. On some Lefkada maps this place as marked as Paralia Avali or Παραλία Αβάλι in Greek language, located near Kavalikefta beach.

Avali beach Lefkada
  • Coordinates: 38.759469, 20.593483
  • Location: Lefkada 310 80, Greece
  • Where to stay in the area: the nearest apartments and villas are located in Kalamitsi village, about 4 kilometers away. Click here for the accommodations in Kalamitsi!

Avali beach location and access in Lefkada

Avali beach is situated on the famous west coast of Lefkada island, about 25 kilometers away from Lefkada town. The nearest settlement is Kalamitsi (Καλαμίτσι) village in the mountains, 4 kilometers away, from where a narrow road leads to Avali beach. Don’t be surprised, this road section between Kalamitsi and Avali beach is very narrow and winding, because it goes down from the high mountains to the sea level.

Lefkada Avali beach, access

This road is the same which lead to Kavalikefta beach and Megali Petra beach also, but there is a junction in the direction of Avali after you have leaved the village by 3 kilometers, indicated by a road signs. The quality of road after the junction is asphalted, but it is usually in poor condition, so you have to drive slowly. While you drive from Kalamitsi, you can see some beautiful beaches of the west coast from the hills, such as Kavalikefta, Gaidaros beach or Kathisma beach.

Where to find Avali beach, road conditions and location
Road junction to Avali beach, just follow these signs

The small parking lot of Avali beach is directly next to the entrance, where Avali bar is located also, but most of the cars park next to the narrow road. In high season months the area of the parking lot can be crowded by cars, and sometimes make the traffic difficult.

View to Avali beach

Avali beach travel guide with photos

As you will see, in Lefkada Avali beach is characterized by the extraordinary geographical features of the western side of the island, in the shade of the mountains. The place has interesting natural scenery, surrounded with lush vegetation on the slopes of the hills. To reach Avali beach you have to walk through the local bar, because there are some stairs which lead down to the beach.

Avali beach bar

You will meet the banana palms of Avali bar, which make special atmospheres to this place, and add more green area: Lefkada travel guides define this place often as one of the hidden gems of the island.

Lefkada Avali beach bar

The seabed of Avali beach is filled by coarse sand and some stones, where water shoes are not necessary. The largest parts are not organized, so if have your own parasol, bring with you. The sea deepens average here, but due to its west location sometimes big waves arrive. If the waves become high, always be careful! Big waves of Lefkada are beautiful, but sometimes these phenomenon can be dangerous as well.

Avali beach coast

The wider parts in Avali are located on the central area, while the two ends of the beach are characterized by rocks and pebbles. The blue colours of the sea are spectacular here, and bring some coolness for visitors during hot summer days.

Lefkada blue colours

Avali bar

Avali bar operates seasonal next to the beach, from late Spring to the Autumn. This small, but charming beach bar offer for visitors shade, tables and seats, and of course meal and refreshments. In recent years Avali bar became popular place in Lefkada, during high season months it can be crowded.

Avali bar

What to find in the area

This part of Lefkada island is filled by the best beaches, because within a few kilometers there can be find several amazing places. On the north side of Avali beach there are Theotokos beach and Gaidaros beach (Παραλία Γάιδαρος), and just about 1,5 kilometers away in the north you can see the magical Kathisma beach: by car you have to drive through Kalamitsi to reach Kathisma, but on foot it can be accessed from this direction.

In the south, about 2,5 kilometers away from Avali you can drive to Kavalikefta beach and Megali Petra beach, two gems of Lefkada island.

Best places near Avali beach

Where to stay in the area

Apartments in Lefkada where to stay
Lefkada Avali beach aerial drone photo

Avali beach info

Known as: Avali beach, Paralia Avali, Παραλία Αβάλι

Coordinates:  38.759469, 20.593483
28 km southwest from Lefkada town
Sea water color: blue, turquoise
Sand type: sand, small pebbles, rocks
Depth: normal
Sea surface: moderate
Crowds: not crowded
Facilities: parking lot, Avali bar during high season
Other Information: –
Accessibility: by car

Avali beach parking
Avali beach parking
Paralia Avali beach access and road in Lefkada
The road behind Avali
Paralia Avali beach
Avali beach, Lefkada west coast
Paralia Avali
Rocks and pebbles on the beach
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