Driving in Lefkada

Driving hints

If you visit Lefkada in 2024, you should keep in mind some imporant things about driving in the island. Read traffic rules and driving hints below for your safety! How to drive in Lefkada island? First of all, the island has mountanious landscapes, and most of the roads are characterized by these capabilities. If you have never driven in mountains

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Lefkada map download

Lefkada map download

Download high resolution road maps and Lefkada beach map for your holiday! Just click the images of these maps below and you can easily download the files. These Lefkada maps are high resolution images in *.jpg format, so you can view on smartphones, tablet or pc, and can be easily print if you want. Lefkada beach map & road map,

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Lefkada car rent

Lefkada Rent A Car

The best option to discover Lefkada island is a car rental: most of the local attractions and beaches can be reached by car or scooter. There are some beaches and villages, which can be reached by daily boat trips and by local bus service, but due to the geography of the island many places can be accessed only by car

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Best taverns in Lefkada

Taverns and restaurants

A wide range of restaurants are awaiting for guests in Lefkada, from tradional Greek taverns to modern restaurants. Some of the local restaurants in Lefkada are well known for delicious foods, shortcrust meals, and housewines. Most of the taverns are located in the largest towns, such as in Nidri, Lefkada town, Vasiliki, etc, but there are no such important villages

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Shopping in Lefkada


Are you crazy for shopping during your holiday? You have a lot of opportunities to visit gift & souvenir stores, clothing shops and many other stores in Lefkada. Most of the shops and stores are located in the largest settlements of the island, such as in Lefkada town, Nidri and Vasiliki. You can find here dozens of clothing stores with the

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Boat trips and excursions around Lefkada

Boat trips and excursions

Enjoy the best boat excursions and daily boat trips of Lefkada, and conquer the blue waves of the Ionian Sea in Greece! In Lefkada boat trips are very popular activies in summer months, which are available from Vasiliki and Nidri. The local boat cruises sail to amazing beaches of the west coast, such as to Egremni beach or to Porto

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Closest airport to Lefkada is Preveza airport (Aktion)

Preveza Aktion Airport

The most important airport near Lefkada island: Preveza Aktion Airport gives the opportunity for travellers to reach the west coast of Greece by flights. The airport is a quite small compared to other airports such as Rhodes or Athens, but in most cases it performs its task well. The traffic of Preveza Aktion Airport increases significant in the summer months:

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Travel to Lefkada by bus

Local buses in Lefkada

One of the cheapest way to discover Lefkada island is the local bus public transport. About Lefkada local buses there are a lot of useful informations which you should know, especially the routes and the actual schedules. Road conditions have a great influence on bus transport, because a lot of destinations can be reached only by car or by boat. The

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Travel to Lefkada by bus

Lefkada by bus

Lefkada island can be accessed in Greece by public bus transport: visitors can travel to Lefkada by bus from the largest Greek cities. Lefkada is connected to the mainland by public bus transport: the most important domestic connection is to Athens, which means there is a daily bus schedule to the capital of Greece. The other popular, and also very

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Travel to Lefkada by plane, flights to Lefkas

Lefkada Airport and Flights

How to reach the island by plane: Lefkada airport informations for travellers. In Greece there are a lot of islands, which have airports and can be reached by domestic and international flights. Due to geographical reasons in Lefkada airport was never built: the landscapes of the island are characterized by high mountains, steep cliffs and valleys. There are no such

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