What you should know about Lefkada island – facts and curiosities

The beautiful island of Lefkada (Λευκάδα) is located on the west coastline of Greece, in the Ionian Sea. The other well known name of the island is Lefkas, which means ‘white’ in Greek language. Lefkada is a special one among the Greek islands, because it can be accessed very easy. You do not have to travel by ferry, because the connection to the mainland is ensured by a floating bridge.

Lefkada island is also a member of the seven Ionian Islands, which are the following, from north to south. Corfu (Kerkyra), Paxi, Lefkada, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Kythira.

Tourism is significant, every year thousands of visitors arrive here. The main attractions of Lefkada are the exceptional natural beauty, the spectacular blue-coloured beaches, the picturesque fishing villages, and of course the unique atmospheres of Lefkada.

The best beaches of Lefkada island are listed among the best beaches in Greece and in Europe. The amazing blue colours and crystal clear waters of Ionian Sea are very special all over the world. The marvelous sea and the steep white cliffs are usually known as the trademarks of Lefkada island, and hard to find an another island in the Mediterranean with such amazing natural capabilities.

Lefkada is a relatively small island in Greece, its area is only about 301 square kilometres. The geographical conditions are mainly mountanious with deep valleys and some plateaus. Lefkada’s highest peak is located in the south and called Stavrota, with a height of 1158 m. Most of the villages and tourist resorts are located on the eastern side of the island, which is little less mountanious than the other side.

The weather of Lefkada island is mediterranean, which means hot and dry summer, and mild winter months.

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Where is Lefkada island
Lefkada island location on Greece map

If you interested to visit Lefkada, just keep read our guide for the beaches, sights and other important information, and fall in love with this amazing Ionian Island!

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