Lefkada island Informations

Informations about Lefkada island

Informations about Lefkada island (Λευκάδα), Greece, which every traveller should know in 2024 before a holiday. Where is Lefkada in Greece, and how can it be accessed by car or by flights? Read this travel guide for the most relevant infos, because you can learn the most important basics about this amazing place. Before you travel to Lefkada, know the best beaches, highlights and everything that matters about Lefkada island. Meet the top local attractions, and discover beautiful monasteries, panoramic views and traditional villages, which are so amazing even in the beautiful country of Greece!

Where to find Lefkada in Greece

The beautiful Lefkada island (can meet on maps as Λευκάδα in Greek language) is located on the west coastline of Greece, in the Ionian Sea. The other well known name of the island is Lefkas, which means ‘white’ in Greek language. Lefkada is a very special one among Greek islands, because it can be accessed very easy. You do not have to travel by ferry, because the connection to the mainland is ensured by a floating bridge.

Lefkada island location in Greece
Lefkada island location on the map of Greece

This bridge which connect Lefkada with Greece is known as the floating bridge of Agia Mavra (F/B Agia Mavra), which is responsible for the primary access of the island. Due geographical conditions Lefkada hasn’t got an own airport, but the nearest airport is situated just about 20 kilometers away in the Greek mainland, directly next to Preveza town. Someone define this facility as Lefkada Airport, but it’s worth to know that it’s not correct, and travellers have to rent a car at Preveza airport and drive to island through the bridge, or must use the local public transport such as bus or taxi.

Access of Lefkada island through a pontoon bridge

Preveza Airport (PVK, Preveza Aktion Airport) is a small, but effective airport which serves several international flights from a lot of countries in Europe, and also domestic flights from Athens and Thessaloniki. These news are great for travellers, because despite the fact that Lefkada don’t has an own airport, it can be reached by flights from Greece and from several European countries.

If you would like to arrive to by plane, just search the flights to Preveza (codename: PVK)!

Greece Lefkada island informations

General informations

Lefkada island is a member of the seven Ionian Islands, which are the following, from north to south: Corfu (Kerkyra), Paxi, Lefkada, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Kythira. Lefkada is known by the Greek Mithology as well due some local legends, one of the most famous myth connects to Sappho, who was an ancient poet, and jumped off from the steep cliffs of Cape Doukato.

Informations about Lefkada island

Thousands years ago in Lefkada island a well developed town flourished, known as ‘Leukas’ or Lefkas. The ancient city of Leukas was one of the most significant settlements in the Ionian Sea, with own military, ship fleet, coins and economy. When the area became under Roman influence, the city was slowly depopuleted, and it has lost its importance. The Archaeological Museum of Lefkada (Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Λευκάδας) in Lefkada town is dedicated for these ancient findings, and worth to visit to learn more about the past of the island.

In the middle ages Lefkada was under Venetian, Ottoman, French, and English leadership, while became a part of Greece in 1864.

The capital of the island is known as the same as the island, Lefkada or Lefkada town (you can find on maps as Λευκάδα). The town is a charming place with picturesque streets, where the most restaurants, shops, services can be find on this island. The capital is located next to the famous pontoon bridge, just about 1,2 kilometer away from there, and the main road which comes from the Greek mainland to Lefkada leads through the town.

Lefkada town

The weather is mediterranean, which means hot and dry summer, and mild winter months. From late May to end of September the weather is suitable for a summer holiday with a lot ot sunny hours, and the sea temperatures are the best from mid June till mid September.


In Greece Lefkada is a relatively small island, its area is just about 301 square kilometres. The geographical conditions are mainly mountanious with deep valleys and some plateaus. The highest peak is located in the southern areas and called Stavrota, with a height of 1158 meters. The roads follow the local geography, which means some of the local roads are quite winding and narrow, especially in the mountains.


Most of the villages and tourist resorts of Lefkada island are located on the east coast, which is little less mountanious than the other side. The most popular seaside resorts are Lefkada town, Lygia, Nikiana, Nidri, Vasiliki and Agios Nikitas, but there are a lot of settlements which offer great apartments, studios and villas for travellers.

Best villages of Lefkada
  • Villages on the east coast: Lefkada town, Lygia, Episkopos, Nikiana, Perigiali, Nidri (Nydri), Vlycho, Syvota, Vasiliki, Ponti
  • Relevant villages on the west coast and near the west coast: Agios Ioannis, Tsoukalades, Agios Nikitas, Kalamitsi, Dragano, Athani
  • Significant mountain villages: Karya, Lazarata, Drymonas, Exanthia, Egklouvi, Vafkeri, Syvros, Agios Petros
Apartments Lefkada Greece


Lefkada island is best known for its best beaches, which are listed among top beaches in Greece and also in Europe. You will see, the amazing blue colours and crystal clear waters of Ionian Sea are very special all over the world, and you will meet often the phrase ‘Lefkada Blue’. The marvelous sea and the steep white cliffs are usually known as the local trademarks, and hard to find an another island in the Mediterranean with such amazing natural capabilities.

Lefkada blue

There are large differences between the beaches of the west coast and the east coast of Lefkada island, but on both sides can be find amazing places.

The most famous beaches of Lefkada island:

  • Porto Katsiki beach (Παραλία Πόρτο Κατσίκι)
  • Egremni beach (Παραλία Εγκρεμνοί)
  • Kathisma beach (Παραλία Κάθισμα)
  • Mylos beach (Παραλία Μύλος)
  • Agios Ioannis beach (Παραλία Άγιος Ιωάννης)
  • Avali Beach (Παραλία Αβάλι)
  • Kavalikefta beach (Παραλία Καβαλικευτά)
  • Megali Petra beach (Παραλία Μεγάλη Πέτρα)
  • Gaidaros beach (Παραλία Γάιδαρος)
  • Gialos beach (Παραλία Γιαλός)
  • Afteli beach (Παραλία Αφτέλι)
  • Mikros Gialos beach (Παραλία Μικρός Γιαλός)
  • Desimi beach (Παραλία Δεσίμι)
  • Nidri beach
  • Ammoglossa beach (Αμμόγλωσσα)

Lefkada today

Lefkada island is best known for its amazing natural scenery, and listed among the most beautiul Greek islands. The economy is primarily based on tourism and agriculture: every year thousands of visitors arrive from several countries, who discover the top places and hidden gems.

The west coast beaches

According to many, the best attractions of Lefkada are the exceptional natural beauty which can be find here, the breathtaking blue-coloured beaches, the picturesque seaside resorts and fishing villages, and of course the unique atmospheres of the island.

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Where to stay Lefkada hotels and apartments

Visit Lefkada island in Greece, and read this travel guide before your trip for relevant informations: fall in love with this amazing Ionian Island!