Road conditions and driving hints in Lefkada for 2022, what do you expect when you drive!

The quality of the roads in Lefkada is quite good overall, especially the main roads. You can’t find any motorways here, because the mountanious area does not support the construction of wide and high speed roads. Even tough there aren’t motorways in Lefkada, the road network is relatively simple. Two main roads were built in the island, one in the east and one in the west. These roads are connected to each other, so the main road network of Lefkada forms an oval – like an egg – and it goes around the island. All of the roads in Lefkada are free to use, and there are no tolls or payment sections anywhere. The asphalt is patched in several places, but deep holes and other faults are not typical on the main roads of Lefkada.

Driving in the east

On the east coast of the island the main road connects Lefkada town with the several popular tourist resorts such as Lygia, Nikiana, Nidri and Vasiliki. The road starts from the southern side of Lefkada town, and goes through the villages. In this section there is only one bypass road around Nidri, which let through traffic flow without interference from local traffic, to reduce congestion in the built-up area. These roads are probably the easiest to drive in Lefkada, there are no significant steep roads or narrow hairpin bends. Many times, especially in the north the road goes directly by the sea, offering great views for drivers and passengers to the emerald bays of the east coast.

View to the east main road, by the Ionian Sea

The main road goes through several villages on the east coast

From the east main road there are several branches to minor roads, which connects smaller villages (as the tiny fishing resort, Sivota) and some beaches to the island’s life. The minor roads are also asphalted, but have less good quality, these are much narrow and have far more faults. When you you drive on these minor roads, please drive much more carefully.

Sometimes you can meet natural barriers on the minor roads of Lefkada

Driving on the west roads of Lefkada

The west side of Lefkada is totally different than the east coast, due to the mountains. The amazing natural scenery with cliffs and valleys do not support the straight roads, so driving in this side is much more harder. The main road of the west coast starts from Lefkada town, and goes through Tsoukalades, Agios Nikitas, Chortata and Agios Petros villages. In the north part of the road, between Lefkada town and Agios Nikitas it is not complecated and easy to drive, because the asphalt is significantly wide here and has less serpentines. There is an amazing lookout you will meet: when the road turns towards the sea after leaving Tsoukalades, the panoramic views to Pefkoulia beach and to the endless Ionian Sea will impress you!

The road conditions after Agios Nikitas become slightly harder, because the asphalt is much more narrow and winding. Reaching at some villages the width of the road will be narrow to one lane, and you may need special caution for the oncoming traffic! Villages are far less common than the eastern side, you will meet only a few settlements (Kalamitsi, Chortata, Agios Petros).

This road looks like a minor road, but this is a main road on the western side

Road signs indicate the minor roads, which branch to the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada. These are the most winding roads in Lefkada, with several serpentines, steep roads and hairpin bends. The quality of the narrow roads is varied, somewhere you will meet brand new sections, but there are many in poor conditions.

In the heart of the mountains the best roads are located between Lefkada town and Karya – these are winding, but wide sections. The roads in the mountains, when you leave Karya in the south are narrow, especially which lead to Egklouvi, Vafkeri.

Don’t forget, always follow traffic rules in Lefkada, to avoid accidents.

Traffic rules

  • Driving licence: EU and EEA countries accepted, need to be valid
  • Driving on the right, overtaking on the left
  • Seatbelt obligatory
  • Drink driving law: max 0,05%
  • Fines when breaking the rules / law: from 40 to 1200 Euro

Speed limits in Lefkada

  • Towns, built up areas: 50 km/h
  • Outside: 90 km/h

Drive safe and enjoy driving in Lefkada!

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